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A True Community Resource

It’s no secret that education is important to our community’s economic and social well-being. What you may not be aware of is how community colleges, like College of Western Idaho (CWI), are helping bridge gaps and address

The Single Parents’ Guide to School, Work, and Family A difficult, but not impossible path

The only thing standing between Chauntae Quintana and a job promotion was a degree in her field. A relatively small obstacle for many to overcome, but for this single mother of two working 40+ hours a week;

Work Hard, Play Hard: Student life enhances your college experience

Any student who might be thinking “there’s nothing to do at a community college,” couldn’t be more mistaken. Whether they realize it or not, the environment and community of the campus, like clubs, and events, play a

Service Learning: Benefit Others and Yourself

Students at College of Western Idaho are gaining valuable experiences each semester through service learning and community involvement projects. Programs, classes, clubs, and individuals are all investing time, energy, and expertise into the Treasure Valley to serve