Elevating the Middle

Workforce Development Trains for Growing Middle Skill Careers What are “middle skill” jobs? They are occupations that need workers who have more than a high school diploma, but less than a four-year degree. While the educational training

A True Community Resource

It’s no secret that education is important to our community’s economic and social well-being. What you may not be aware of is how community colleges, like College of Western Idaho (CWI), are helping bridge gaps and address

Local Training for Global Reach

CWI takes pride in its ability to react quickly to local industry needs through its customized Workforce Development training. One of the College’s partnerships has proved collaboration may have a local focus, but its impact can be

Alumni Spotlight: Ken Silvers

It took a while, but Ken Silvers feels he has found his calling. After delivering medical supplies to Treasure Valley clinics and hospitals for nearly a decade, Ken decided it was time to do something else. He

[Infographic] Workforce Development Skills & the Future of Your Community College

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Paying Dividends

Training Center a Leading Community Resource As College of Western Idaho (CWI) continues to grow and develop campus facilities to support an educated and skilled workforce, CWI is also dedicated to development that provides opportunities for the

Community Impact

At College of Western Idaho (CWI) we believe community impact is a two-way street. Strong partnerships with the community help ensure we are providing quality education that directly supports student success. In turn, CWI is fostering students

Alumni Spotlight: Lisa Webb

“Because of CWI, I am a champion.” Lisa Webb is a winner by many definitions. Her success is having a real impact on the community. After losing her job in a call center, Webb enrolled in CWI’s

Alumni Spotlight: Davianne Astley

Davianne Astley is proof that scholarships work. The CWI alumna says if it weren’t for a scholarship she received from the CWI Foundation, she would not be where she is today. It took her six years and

Opening Doors: How Scholarships Change Lives

More than 220 leaders in the Treasure Valley came together this fall to support students during the College of Western Idaho (CWI) Foundation’s second annual scholarship fundraising dinner. The annual benefit is the Foundation’s main source for

Dual Credit: Shorten the Time to a Degree

Research indicates that students who complete some form of early college are more likely to enroll in college and complete a degree. As Idaho continues to rally together in an effort to increase its go-on rates, College

More Choices = More Opportunities

CWI offers both credit and fast-track educational programs that prepare students for transfer to a four-year university or directly into the job market. The following includes a summarized listing of programs and areas of study offered by