Your Career Roadmap: Ten important career questions to put you on track to success

A good career doesn’t just happen without a little planning. If you’re in college–or getting ready for college–take this short quiz to see which steps you need to take to prepare for a career that really fits

Prepare for a Great Career at College of Western Idaho

The College of Western Idaho (CWI) Career and College Transfer Center (CCTC) is here to support both current and future students with comprehensive career-development services that include workshops, seminars, and individual assessment appointments. The CCTC can help

Facts & finds

Bright future for machinists Looking for an occupation in high demand? Machinists are expected to have a bright future with job openings on the rise. Projections indicate that from 2012 to 2022, the number of machinist jobs

The Real World of Business

A Business World The world revolves around business and—whether you realize it or not—every day it has a huge impact on your life. Aside from the numerous business transactions the average person encounters each day, an overwhelming

Students get ahead with dual enrollment

College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) Dual Credit program allows high school students to earn college credits through qualified classes taken at their high school, a CWI campus, or CWI online. In fact, many students complete large portions

Student Profile: Hannah Logue

Hannah Logue Hannah Logue has a pretty good idea where she is headed in life. This fall she will attend Idaho State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree. From there she is off to grad school and

Spotlight on Faculty Joe Welker

Joe Welker has always embraced the CWI associate degree Business program’s emphasis on real-world experience. As an Accounting Instructor, Welker has been dedicated to bringing practical application opportunities to his students. Four years ago Welker formed a

Marketing Management Program Cultivating Entrepreneurial Minds

Entrepreneurs are thriving in the CWI Marketing Management program. With a foundation rooted in real-world experience, it has become a tremendous training ground for students interested in small business ventures. The fit has been so good, in

The Value of Success

What does success look like at a community college? The students at College of Western Idaho are proving it can be found in all kinds of ways – and places.

Alumni Stay Connected

Graduation doesn’t have to be the end. We hope it will only be the beginning of a lifelong relationship at College of Western Idaho. Our students make incredible memories, friendships, families and gain knowledge that is irreplaceable.

CWI Foundation Spotlight: Best Bath Systems Supports Education

Best Bath Systems, Inc. believes in the importance of education and the value of supporting students. The Caldwell-based company, which specializes in accessible bathroom products, has shown a commitment to helping make college more accessible. One great

More Choices = More Opportunities

CWI offers both credit and fast-track educational programs that prepare students for transfer to a four-year university or directly into the job market. The following includes a summarized listing of programs and areas of study offered by

Defining a Childhood Dream: Fabian Pacheco

As a child, Fabian Pacheco loved to draw. Throughout his life he often longed for a career that would allow him to tap into his creative side without “having to wear a funny hat and use a